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Sally's Class Assembly

Hi everyone,

Our class assembly is on Friday the 26th of October.

 It'll be held (where all the magic happens) in our classroom.

We hope to see you there!!

Mise Le Meas,

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Homework 15th - 19th October

Maths: Master Your Maths Week 7 (apologies just week 7)

Revise 6 times tables

Christine's class are completing their Master Your Maths in class to allow them time at home to practice and prepare for Assembly on Friday. 

Project Work: The Celts (see other blog posts)

English: Spellings and 3 Super Sentences

 Prefix 'Mid'
midday midnight midsummer midfield midpoint midterm midweek midyear midlife midway

Extension middle midbrain

Cad is ainm duit? _____ is ainm dom.
Cén aois thú?
Tá mé _____ mbliana d’aois.

Mental Health Menu

World Mental Health Awareness Day

In Sally's class we are focusing on KINDFULNESS- the concept of being mindful about kindness. This includes being kind to ourselves as well as others.

Your children have also been discussing GREEN LIGHT THINKING (positive thoughts of resilience, empathy, courage, kindness and perseverance) and RED LIGHT THINKING (negative thoughts and a 'I can't do it' attitude).

We have created a Menu to change our thinking from red to green. A balanced combination of these should help develop a positive mental attitude.

Our Menu for Developing Positive Mental Health and Being Mentally Healthy Exercise Fresh air Talk to someone you trust about your feelings Do something that make you happy for example ReadWatch your favourite movie/T.V showDo arts and craftsListen to music
·Develop a talent Join a club or organisation Think happy thoughts Do something kind for someone else Adequate  sleep Have a healthy balanced diet Mindfulness Meditation Me time (Not…
Sally's Class Project on The Celts

Students have until Tuesday the 23rd to complete their project on The Celts.

The project can be presented in any format and the children are asked to visit local library and use their own research skills. the children are asked to base the project on one-three elements of Celtic life...Ringforts,Celtic Homes, Celtic fashion, bronze/iron age, Celts and Romans, Kings,Gods, language & traditions, famous Celts etc...

Below are some children friendly search engines where the children can gather relevant information:
Signatures needed:

Hi all Sally's class have their test copies in their school bags to be signed and returned tomorrow.

Also all cross country forms must be signed by tomorrow for Karl please.

Credit Union Art Competition

Can Sally's class please sign and return their forms by tomorrow Tuesday the 9th of October.