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Homework 25/3/19

Sally's class' test copies to be signed for Thursday please.


Spellings and 5 super sentences.
Sally's class- counties test on Friday.


Litriú Ghaeilge
Léigh sa Bhaile- lth 47 agus 51


(Sally's) Master Your Maths: week 20 pages 44 and 45
(Christine's) Master Your Maths week 24 pages 52 and 53
Revise division tables 1-6. Sally's- division test on Friday
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Homework 20th

Gaeilge: LSB lth 28
Literacy: Spellings counties + 5 sentences
Maths: Master Your Maths wek. 19
Division tables 1-6
Litriu gaeilge same as last week

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

homework 11/03/19

Sally's class' test copies to be signed for Thursday morning please. 

Spellings and 5 super sentences

Sally's- again

Ly/ily/ally Weekly Noisily Magically Gently Hungrily Luckily Sleepily Scientifically Basically Terrifically
Extension: Bubbly Annually Greedily


Maths:  Division tables 6s
Master Your Maths:
Sally's week 18 pages 40 and 41
Christine's week: 23 pages 50 and 51


 bricfeasta  Lón  dinnéar  suipéar 
Cad a itheann tú de ghnáth le haghaidh do bhricfeasta? De ghnáth, ithim ______ agus ______ le haghaidh mo bhricfeasta.

Léigh sa Bhaile-Lth 9 agus 12

Homework: 4/3/19

Literacy: Spellings (super sentences)
Sally's builder composer lawyer soldier reporter designer plumber carpenter programmer teacher
photographer courier waiter --------------------- Christine's bumpy starry nutty monthly yearly biannually barber publisher democracy Athens Sparta philosopher Olympic
Christine's class read Chapter 16 UTHT Maths: MM wk 22 Christine's/ Wk 17 Sallys Fractions equivalent- study fraction wall for Friday test Gaeilge:Litriu GhaeilgeLSB lth 69 & 76

Head Lice Christine's Class

Please check your child for head lice. Ensure to comb out daily. The wet-combing method is described below. Wash the hair using ordinary shampoo and apply ample conditioner, before using a wide-toothed comb to straighten and untangle the hair.Once the comb moves freely through the hair without dragging, switch to the louse detection comb. Make sure that the teeth of the comb slot into the hair at the roots with the bevel-edge of the teeth lightly touching the scalp.Draw the comb down to the ends of the hair with every stroke and check the comb for lice.Remove lice by wiping or rinsing the comb.Work methodically through the hair section by section so that the whole head of hair is combed through.Rinse out the conditioner and repeat the combing procedure in the wet hair.Repeat the procedure on day five, nine and 13 in order to clear the young lice as they hatch, before they have time to reach maturity. The time that it will take to comb your ch…