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Assessment for Week 3 - 30/3/20 - 3/4/20

Hi everyone! We hope you are all keeping well. Hi everyone! At this stage you should be nearly finished week 3 work.  After Easter we will be moving to teaching using See Saw. Try to watch the tutorials GearĂ³id is sending out and just get used to it during the Easter break to prepare for lessons and learning using See Saw.  The assessment for this week's work is as follows: 'Feelings' Poem to be emailed to teachers - if it is a written poem send a photo or if it was done using a device (e.g. Microsoft word) send it that way.  Correct your daily Mental Maths using the answers below.  Correct your Mental Maths test using the answers below and try to redo any questions you didn’t get or made mistakes in. Correct the English reading comprehension (pages 37 - 39 of Word Wizard book) using the answers below. Thanks! Aoife & Shane Daily Maths Week 25 & Test Week 23 – Answers – Aoife’s Class WEEK 25 - Monday 1. 5⁄6 2. 26 3. 6 4. 6
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Work for Week 3 - 30/3/20 - 3/4/20

Hi everyone! Please see the work below for week 3. We have split the work up daily to make it easier to follow. We know you might not get everything done but just try your best and whatever you can get done is great.  Thanks, Aoife & Shane Week 3 Work - 30/3/20 - 3/4/20  Monday: ●         Maths – ●         Mental Maths Monday (Week 25 for Aoife’s class, Week 21 for Shane’s class). ●         Click on the following link, scroll down to fourth class and clink on that. Then scroll down and click on fractions and complete at least 2 fraction activities.   ● ●         English – ●         Word Wizard – Reading comprehension: go through the comprehension strategies orally, read the text and then answer all the questions in Part A and Part B into your copy. (Part C and D to be done tomorrow). ●         Reading Comprehension: pages 37 - 39. ●         Gaeilge – ●         Practice saying, writing and spelling the fo